Preliminary program

Parallelsession I: Friday 10.30-12.00

Room Speakers Title
E Vogt, R. (Ralf) Dr. Externalizing the Internal System – How to Access Implicit Memory
Blumenthal, S.V.B. von (Suzanne) Logosynthesis – a new treatment for traumatic disorders
G Dellucci, H.D. (Helene) Transgenerational Trauma and Dissociation. How to conceptualize and treat transmitted trauma in dissociative clients
D Epstein, O.B. (Badouk) 'Who needs who? – the roots of traumatic disappointment, as shown in clients with preoccupied/disorganised attachment style'
Furlani, F.A.P. (Fabio) Trust and patient with trauma and dissociation: attachment theory in practice
Maack, C. (Carola) PhD Understanding and Dealing with Strong Countertransference Reactions and Vicarious Traumatization with the Help of Structural-Analytical Trauma-Therapy (SATT)
I D'Hooghe, D. (Doris) Early attachment trauma and the impact on child’s development.
Maginn, C. (Colin) Dysregulated organisations! How leadership impacts on effective therapy with young people.
Gente, B. (Bernard) Understand and use the polyvagal theory within the therapeutic relationship with dissociated patients; key points about the social engagement system and a video case.
J Goodwin, M. (Melanie), Livingston, K. (Kathryn) Affect regulation during trauma and developmental work
F Holbæk, I. (Ingunn) A therapist – patient reflection after a DID therapy
H Laddis, A. (Andreas) M.D. Conversion seizures; theory, diagnosis and a video
Jonker, K. (Kosse), van Groningen, P. (Puck) Self-regulation; a sensorimotor way of approaching emotional dysregulation in trauma and trauma related dissociation
Mor-Ofek, H. (Hadas) Polyvagal theory's implications for the usage of exposure in treating trauma victims
Van Est, M. (Milka) What is the use of integrating the body in trauma therapy and how to get started?
A Piedfort-Marin, O. (Olivier) Trauma exposure with DID patients: analyzing videos to increase competencies.
C Enders-Slegers, M.J. Attachment to animals and traumatic situations
Enders-Slegers, M.J. (Marie-Jose), Van de Graaf Kramer, P. (Pollyanna) Animal assisted interventions and attachment relationships
Kovács, G.Z. (Geza) Psychological benefits within the framework of attachment of an animal assisted psychotherapy, Equine assisted Focal Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (EFPP)
Kutz, I.K. (Ilan) MD Dissociative Phenomena in Biblical Myths  Did Joseph, Ruler of Egypt, Suffer from Structural Dissociation?
B Mosquera, D. (Dolores), Steele, K. (Kathy) MN, CS Working with Positive Emotion and Experience in the Treatment of Chronic Trauma


Parallelsession II: Friday 13.15-14.45

Room Speakers Title
E Laddis, A. (Andreas) The Pathogenesis and Treatment of Emotion Dysregulation in complex posttraumatic disorders. A psychodynamic explanation and intervention.
G Somer, E. (Eli) Maladaptive daydreaming - is it a dissociative mode of affect regulation?
D Epstein, O.B. (Badouk) Film Screening "de Baby" followed by discussion with the film makers.
I Smith, J. (Joanna), Roland-Smith, M. (Mandy), Dr. Janner Steffan, A. (Anandi), Dr. Gene-Cos, N. (Nuri) Lifespan Integration (LI), for attachment repair and emotional regulation
J Wild, A. (Amanda) An update on an attempt to create mental health wards that are trauma informed, dissociation informed and attachment informed.
Dr. Thomas, R.C. (Rachel) Educating Europe: how to address scepticism among our colleagues in the field of dissociation?
F Cermak, I. (Ivo), Urbánek, T. (Tomáš), Štěpánek, P. (Petr), Schmidtová, J. (Jana) Interpersonal decentering and dissociation in TAT narratives of severely traumatized girls
Spijker-van Vuuren, M. SOS Psychological first aid tool for people with intellectual disabilities, their families and their caregivers.
Van Harten, L.V. (Leanthe) MSc Mphil, Dr. Pannenbakker, F.D. (Fieke), Klien Velderman, M. (Mariska) PhD., van Dijke, A. (Annemieke) As. Prof., Fleuren, M.A.H. (Margot) Is what we know also what we do? Comparing theory and practice about the treatment of trauma in children and adolescents
Cameron, R.J. (Seán) Living Psychology: A new approach to empowering the carers of traumatised children and young people
H Blizard, R.A. (Ruth) PhD Distortion of reality in abusive families, cults and politics
A Rensen, M. (Martijne), Giessen, I. van der (Irene) HART College unique college in the Netherlands for early childhood chronic traumatized adults
Langdal, E.N (Elisabeth), Sveaass, N. (Nora), With, A. (Annika) Mental health and gender-based violence: Helping survivors of sexual violence in conflict.
C Gerge, A. (Anna) Why art- and trance-based therapies are well suited for phase-specific psychotherapy in the trauma gradient
Garosci, M.S. (Maria), Steele, K. (Kathy) The Use of Hypnotic Interventions with Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders: Essential Practices and Guidelines
B Neslin, A. (Anita), Myhr, T. (Torbjørn), Øgård, A.L. (Anne-Lise) Stabilization of inpatients with complex PTSD - a neuropsychological/biological approach.
Jepsen, E.K.K. (Ellen), Franswa, Y.C. (Yuka), Øverby, G.E. (Gerd-Ellen) TOP 10 interventions for dissociative disorder patients in a specialized inpatient treatment program


Parallelsession III: Friday 16.15-17.45

Room Speakers Title
E Germani, M. (Massimo), Mosca, L. (Lorenzo), Rathaus, F. (Fiorella), Luci, M. (Monica) Comparative Evaluation of Psychopathological Consequences of Torture and Extreme Traumas in "inside-Region-Refugees" and "Outside-Region-Refugees" Populations
Mullerova, J. (Jana) Dissociative Features in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Latent Profile Analysis
Ross, C.A. (Colin) Reliability of the Self-Report Dissociative Disorders Interview Schedule
G Gonzalez, A. (Anabel), van Dijke, A. (Annemiek) As. Prof.  Emotion dysregulation in somatoform dissociation and conversive disorders: from neurobiology to clinical interventions.
D Kennedy, A. (Angela), Mosquera, D. (Dolores), Moskowitz, A. (Andrew) Working with voices in psychosis from a structural dissociation perspective.







Björkqvist, G.B. (Gunilla) Attachment - a bridge to healing for broken minds
Dragu, C.D. (Carina) Similarities and differences in the assessment and treatment of complex trauma related dissociation in 3 patients in the Western part of Romania
Malchi, K.M. (Keren) PhD So there is no help save from the witch: A case study of a dissociative bewitchment
Rießbeck, H. (Helmut) Dr. med. Patient´s perspectives - what has helped them?   - evaluation of a  long term treatment of two female patients with a complex dissociative trauma disorder.
Thomas, R.C. (Rachel) A Tale of Two Generations: Mind Controlled D.I.D in the 21st Century
Hart, O. van der (Onno) Phase 2 Treatment: The Integration of Traumatic Memories in Patients with Complex Dissociative Disorders
F Potgieter Marks, R. (Renee) PhD, Stierum, A. (Aad) child and adolescent psychiatrist MD Medical aspects of working with trauma and dissociation in Children and adolescents.
Potgieter Marks, R. (Renee) PhD, Struik, A. (Ariane) Assesing and treating emotional regulation and stability in children and adolescents with complex trauma and dissociation
H Seijo, N. (Natalia) Dissociation, Trauma and Attachment in Eating Disorders
A Ruismäki, M.H.E. (Marjo), Friberg, L. (Lisa) Using a video based intervention as an addition to group treatment for dissociative parents
Storen, T.S. (Torunn), Christie, H. (Helen) Can we prevent the intergenerational transmission of trauma? Potentials and pitfalls in working with severely traumatized caregivers.
C Vermetten, E. (Eric), Eidhof, M. (Marloes) MSc., Huntjens, R.J.C. (Rafaële) As. Prof., Schlumpf, Y.R. (Yolanda) PhD, Zaba, M. (Monica) Minding dissociation in PTSD: moderators for complexity
B Vitale, A. (Agata) Dr. Evaluating the effectiveness of cross-cultural theories on trauma treatment.
Nielsen, G. (Gita) Body awareness, new possibilities for children and Young refugees


Parallelsession IV: Saturday 10.30-12.00

Room Speakers Title
E Polloni, G.P. (Gaia) Individual Trauma in Couple Therapy
Tijdink, D.W.G.M. (Desiree), Cuypers, D. (Doortje) Group program for partners of patients with dissociative disorder
G Wineke, J. (Jaco) Personality as an organizing construct in trauma or conversion patients
D Coppens, L. (Leony), Schneijderberg, M. (Marthe), van Kregten, C. (Carina) Helping traumatized children learn
I Justo, A. (Ania) MD, Gonzalez, A. (Anabel) MD PhD, Risso, A. (Alicia) MA PhD, Moskowitz, A. (Andrew) PhD Pilot study on dissociation in patients diagnosed with schizophrenia
Mauritz, M. W. (Maria) MSc Phase-based treatment of a complex severe mentally ill (SMI) case involving Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and psychosis related to Dandy Walker Syndrome
Klein, W. (Wanda), Tanis, M. (Marieke) Vicious circle: trauma, autism and  cognitive disability
Strand, S. (Sofia) Psychosis, dissociation, trauma and attachment – a case study
F Struik, A. (Arianne) Reducing dissociation by systemic interventions
Maack, C. (Carola) PhD Understanding and Dealing with Strong Countertransference Reactions and Vicarious Traumatization with the Help of Structural-Analytical Trauma-Therapy (SATT)
H Maves, P.A. (Peter) PhD, Schwab, J. (Julia) MA Regulation and De-Escalation: The Collaborative Use of Art and Cognitive Management Techniques to Restore Modulation and Control in the Treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders.
A Steenhuisen, A. (Astrid), Engel, M. (Marika), Wentink, M. (Margriet)  Regulating dysregulation: a balancing act for both therapist and client.
C Hopchet, M. (Manoëlle), Draijer, N. (Nel) Working with difficult traumatized patients: the usefulness of Transference Focused Psychotherapy
B Aalbers, A. (Annet), Wegen, S. (Suzanne) Assesment and treatment of trauma and dissociation in an addicted population of BPD and PTSD


Parallelsession V: Saturday 13.15-14.45

Room Speakers Title
E Hoven, H.M. (Marieke) Coping with somatoform dissociation in daily life
Scheffers, M. (Mia), Nissen, I. (Ingrid), Verveld, S. (Sjoukje) Body and movement oriented therapy in the stabilization phase of complex trauma treatment
G Korman, S. (Sharon) Reflections of a Holocaust Survivor Across a Lifespan
D  Pool, Z. (Zoë) Dr.  Move Beyond Words: Embodied Expressive Arts Therapies Groupwork with Survivors of Attachment-based Abuse & Trauma
I Widera Wysoczańska, A. (Agnieszka) Childhood trauma and health problems in three stages of life
D'Hooghe, D. (Doris) The mosaic of life: Integrating attachment- and trauma theory in the treatment of challenging behavior in elderly with dementia.
Rehman, R.H. (Neelofar) Freedom Within Structure - Neurobiological Attunement and Working Without Words
J Gonzalez, A. (Anabel) MD, Justo, A. (Ania) MD, del Rio, L. (Lucia) MD, Seijo, N. (Natalia) MA Dissociation in disguise: How to recognize it and how to treat it in other disorders.
F Hultmann, O.H. (Ole), Kalén, H. (Hedvig) Prevalence and Consequences of Child abuse and Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Stepanek, P. (Petr), Cermak, I. (Ivo), Schmidtova, J. (Jana), Urbanek, T. (Tomas) Depression and suicidality in polytraumatized adolescent girls
Brager, S.B. (Signe), Lichtenstein, A. (Annika) Treatment of complex traumatized children and adolescents with EMDR - results from a quantitative and qualitative study on BUP Trauma Unit, Stockholm.
Kroneman, L.M. (Leoniek) A literature review of opportunities to enhance adolescents’ motivation for therapeutic treatment in compulsory residential care.
H Salvesen, K.T. (Thorne), Wästlund, M. (Malin) Trauma-sensitive mindfulness and self-compassion group
A Plekker, A. (Annelies), Somer, E. (Eli) Prof., Schippers, C. (Carlo), van Dijke, A. (Annemiek) As. Prof. Persecuted: Therapists’ experience with stalking and coping with it
C Miller, P.W. (Paul) MD DMH MRCPsych Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy for Psychotic Disorders, including Schizophrenia:  A case series discussing the growing clinical experience and international research.
B Fisher, J. (Janina) Overcoming Trauma-related Self-Alienation in Structurally Dissociated Clients
ESTD Conference 2016 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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